Saturday, January 26, 2008

KORUS House - Opportunities and Resources

I'm sure many of you class are intimately familiar with the KORUS House on Embassy Row. But for those of you who aren't, KORUS House (a monniker derived from "Korea" and "US") was opened by the Embassy of the ROK to strengthen the Korea-US alliance.  It essentially serves as a venue for lectures, briefings, and other educational and cultural exchange opportunities. They will also host art exhibits occasionally.  Of particular interest, KORUS House offers low-cost Korean language courses throughout the year in 7-8 week sessions.  Last summer, I think I paid around $230 for beginning Korean.  So if you're looking for Korean language training that's affordable (when compared to similar courses taught throughout DC) and taught in an informal atmosphere, I highly recommend KORUS house.

As it relates to our class, the KORUS website should serve as an excellent information resource. Enjoy!

OBTW, Michael O'Hanlon from the Brooking Institute will be presenting "Making the Best of a Bad Situation: Coming Changes in the US-ROK Command Structure" at 11:00-1:00 Thurs 31 Jan at KORUS. I'll see if RSVP's are needed and get back to anyone interested in attending.

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