Sunday, January 27, 2008

The website about Hendrick Hamel

Dear class!

While surfing the net, I found one interesting website.

Have you heard about Hendrick Hamel?

He is known as the first westerner explorer to write about the Chosun Dynasty era in Korea in the 17th century.

Allegedly, he was an ordinary seaman – a bookkeeper later - who had belonged to the Dutch East India Company (VOC). In 1653, Hamel and his crewmates were survived the shipwreck near Jeju island and taken to the capital under custody. They stayed in Korea for about 13 years until they escaped to Holland in 1666. And H. Hamel wrote a report, vividly describing his experience in Korea (1668).

The website that I visited provides us a diversity of info ranging from historical circumstances to Hamel’s insightful observation to Korea back then.

As a Korean myself, I thought that it is very meaningful to learn about the Korea through the lens of western civilization. I am assured that it helps you understand Korean history as well.

Check out the material posted on that website.

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