Thursday, March 01, 2007

dispatch vs. withdrawal

Since the South Korean government decided to dispatch troops to Afghanistan and Iraq, the controversy over this issues had been heated and cooled down for a while. Sergeant Yun Jang-Ho, who was killed in a terrorist attack, brought this to the table again. Korean public began to debate whether the government should withdraw troops or not. Interestingly, two editorials in two papers presented different opinions. Yun Stood for all of us vs. Soldier’s sacrifice a sad answer to troop withdrawal question.
I just hope that this debate and results from it will not affect U.S.-Korea alliance adversely.

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Sean said...

The war is so politically unpopular in the States, and so many of our allies have already jumped ship, that I don't think withdrawal would cause serious harm. Everyone is doing it so it would be hard to single out South Korea.