Friday, March 02, 2007

Should the U.S. cooperate with China?

This article "US, China Chart Parallel Courses On New International Crises" is indeed a better fit for Professor Larsen's Modern Chinese History class. But it admits China's roles in dealing with N. Korea even Iran, which lots of articles ignore. At the same time, it raises concerns over China's potential power. It then reminds me of Vice-President Cheney's criticism over China's military expansion.

I don't believe in the "China Threat Theory," do you?

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redbean said...

The frightening thing about the "China Threat" theory is how much it often depends upon an unquestioned assumption that China is following in Japan and Germany's footsteps, and paralleling their development leading up to WWII. The idea that a rising power will necessarily militarize and seek to expand outward is by no means some sort of "rule" but it seems to be taken as such by many many people in the Beltway. In fact, anyone who doesn't take this view is, in my experience, labeled a "panda hugger" and summarily dismissed.