Thursday, March 08, 2007

Poll Wars

Here is an article in Donga Ilbo regarding a CNN poll that asks whether Japan should apologize again on the comfort women issue. The article notes that about 75% of voters said "no" as of March 4. It also argues that these results are very suspicious, and as a result, a poll war has ensued between Japanese and Korean netizens (no proof of this). In case you're interested, I just voted at 11:30 pm on March 8, and the numbers were still the same.

The article was also interesting in that it throws objective journalism out the window. It seems to insinuate that there is something fishy about the poll results without offering any proof. I'm suspicious of Japanese online voters when Ichiro is consistently among the AL leaders in All-Star balloting despite lackluster stats the past couple of years, but the results of this poll don't seem all that suspicious to me.


Sean said...

Sorry, those numbers were as of March 8, and not March 4.

snowume said...

I actually voted for "Yes". Although I believe that it reflected my own personal opinion, my action was a result from competition against the Japanese side. Putting this personal story aside, I think CNN framed the quesion in favor of the Japanese side. Without providing background information, it just asked whether Japan should apologize AGAIN. If a normal person hears the question, one should think "why again?".