Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kono answers back

In an interview last November, to be featured in an upcoming book Oral History: Asian Women's Fund, Yohei Kono, the man who delivered the famous 1993 apology for the "comfort women" atrocity, declared those who criticize the official government apology as "intellectually not sincere."

The political debate in Japan over whether to repeal or revise the apology drew international attention a few weeks ago, corresponding with Prime Minister Abe's controversial remarks that no evidence of Japanese "coercion" existed.

You can read more about Kono's perspectives here.

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snowume said...

Although each society or country is constructed with a combination of different opinions, we human beings tend to over-generalize societies based on the mainstream. I know that Koreans are often portrayed as nationalists. I think that it is important to see other side of a box even if we (KOreans) are super nationalist.