Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Crossing The Line

Have you seen anything about this documentary? www.crossingthelinefilm.com

I heard that it was mentioned on 60 minutes and found the news story: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2007/01/25/60minutes/main2398580.shtml

The film is a documentary of the life of Joe Dresnok, the last American defector to North Korea. He ran the minefield in 1962 and never looked back.

The production company that produced the film (www.verymuchso.co.uk) published two other documentaries on North Korean living - A State of Mind (about the gymnastic training of two young girls for the Mass Games), and The Game of Their Lives (about the 1966 World Cup Soccer team which beat Italy???).

I haven't seen Crossing the Line or The Game of Their Lives yet, has anyone?

I did see A State of Mind and it was very interesting - it showed quite a bit about the average Pyongyang family and their views on North Korea and America, and why they trained so hard to participate in the Mass Games.

Does anyone have any input on any of these documentaries or others which have full access to NK society?

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snowume said...

I experienced "cognitive dissodance" when I watched "A state of mind".
As you mentioned, I thought that it was interesting to watch lives of the average Pyongyang fmaily in DPRK. However, one of my friend told me that those charaters in the film would not be representative of people of DPRK. Rather, they would belong to the elite class. Since I have never been to DPRK, I can't describe how their lives seem like. what I think now, though, is that we were watching lives of the haves.