Saturday, January 20, 2007

Media Links

Please contribute to a list of online media websites for Korean news...

Korea Central News Agency (DPRK):
Yonhap News (ROK):
People's Daily (China):
Kyodo News (Japan):
Asia Times:
Asia Media:

Isn't there another ROK news source called ROK Online Daily? I've read translated articles from it through FBIS but I can't find a link to it =/

If there's a clear political orientation to the source, please include that too.


Sean said...

Hey guys,

Here are two Korean newspaper sites in English that I read once in a while. There's no political slant that I can think of, but some people feel that the traditional Korean papers are rather conservative in their political ideology.

But to be honest, the site that I check out the most often deals with K-pop:

Sayaka said...

Hi. Let me advertise what I do as an RA, here.
I am maintaining the website for a project of the Sigur Center, called "Memory and Reconciliation in the Asia-Pacific". And I update its "news brief" page at least once a week to cover related historical and political issues.

redbean said...


I think the "ROK Online Daily" you saw is FBIS's cute name for "The Daily NK", which is at -- it focuses on the DPRK and has a lot of defector accounts; its English page is pretty nice:

There are also these news sites (of the ones in English):

Korea Herald:

Korea Times:

Jaime said...

Hello class,

I just wanted to add two more sources:

The Joongang Daily:

The Seoul Times: