Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pictures of DPRK from Oct. 06

You don't need to read Chinese to understand this site. A Chinese businessman posts his pictures from his October 2006 trip to the DPRK:


(It may take a while to load fully.)


Erin Robinson said...

Very interesting. I think the most striking thing to me is how few people there are in his pictures. The ones with the women pulling carts or something, they're all obviously hurrying and have some place to be. And those are the only people who seem to be outside. Does this just relate to the rain? Or is that something that's indicative of the way North Korea is now?

Sean said...

I've never been to North Korea myself so I can only speak as to what my mom told me following her visit two years ago. She also noted how empty the streets seemed, and how just having several cars on the street at the same time was seen as "rush hour." She found it interesting that the government employs all these people to direct traffic that's not really there.