Thursday, January 18, 2007

War Criminals

Hi all.
Debates and controversies over historical issues in Korea-Japan (and China) relations fascinate me. Recently, I have been working on a project on Japan's war responsbilities and Tokyo Trial, and found this very interesting: (Agan from the Marmot's Hole") Korean war criminals cleared . (If you read Korean, see 강제동원 ‘조선인 전범’ 오명 벗었다)

To me, Koreans' general take on Class A Tokyo Trial (equivalent of Nuremberg Trial in Germany) is confusing. It seems Korean rightists are divided over or have a complicated relationship with Japanese rightists' arguments on many historical issues in general as reflected in controversies on the New Right Group's history textbook. (for example: this and this). Is Class A Tokyo Trial one of the controversial topics, or is there a relatively clear consensus on how they interpret it?

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snowume said...

I think you made a very interesting point about korean views on its history. As the first paper from Hankyoreh stated, "the Textbook Forum's book does not express the majority opinion of the New Right." I strongly believe that being conservative does not necessarily mean that they have similar opinions all the time.

in your question about Class A Tokyo trial, controversy over A Class War criminals seems to root in enshring them at Yasukuni. Even if there exists a relatively clear consensus on the trial among countries, I believe that the victor (the US) and former colonies (Korea) may see it from different angles.