Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Six Party Talks

The history books of the future will probably have a chapter devoted to what we are witnessing on the peninsula right now. With this in mind, does anyone have any thoughts on the motivations of both North and South Korea in continuing the Six Party Talks?

Is North Korea:
-- Stalling for time in further development of weapons systems
-- Posturing for internal stability
-- Posturing for external security
-- Attempting to extort additional international aid

Is South Korea's policy of engagement:
-- Based on a feeling of ethnic unity
-- Seeking to eventually reunify the peninsula
-- Seeking to pacify an aggressor nation on its doorstep
-- Seeking to provide additional aid to North Korea without appearing to break with the U.S. in the unified front of not responding to North Korean provocations

I don't know all that much about South Korea, so I am really interested to hear everyone's thoughts.


redbean said...

Hey Eric,

I'm a little curious how you managed to post this /during class/. Or am I missing something?

Eric said...

I posted it in the evening after class - the timestamp defaults to west coast time I believe.