Saturday, February 10, 2007

DPRK-Japan History conflicts

In searching for Tan'gun on the KN news website, I saw a KCNA piece from June 2005. The DRPK's History Society blasts the Japanese for various acts during the colonial period. It is interesting that they provided data regarding the quantity of raw materials that were pillaged by the Japanese. "They took away to Japan an immeasurable quantity of resources including nearly 400 tons of gold, 17.98 million tons of iron, 30 million cubic meters of timber and 39 million tons of rice."

Did these figures come from a Chinese, ROK, or western source? Or did DPRK calculate them?

As an aside - this quote interested me too: "Even since the publication of the DPRK-Japan Pyongyang Declaration the Japanese reactionaries have frantically kicked up a row against the DPRK, persistently talking about its "nuclear issue" and "missile issue" and crying out for a solution to the "abduction issue" that had already been solved."

What are they referring to when they say the abduction issue has already been resolved?

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Erin Robinson said...

Some Japanese citizens were abducted in Pyongyang years ago. Most of them were allowed to return in 2002, and the DPRK government claims the rest are dead. Many Japanese do not believe that, according to this article on BBCNews. The DPRK obviously considers the matter closed since they sent back the ones still alive, and state the others are dead, and therefore will probably consider any attempt to reopen it both hostile and questioning the Dear Leader's honesty.