Saturday, February 03, 2007

NK-Japan Abduction Issue

I saw a story on the ROK embassy website earlier this week about Japan being concerned with the bi-lateral engagement between the US and North Korea and how it might negatively affect Japan's desire to resolve the abduction issue.

I can't find the darn story now, but here's a link to the wiki page on the abductions, and here's a statement from ROK President Roh saying that he doesn't feel its appropriate for the abduction issue to come up in the six party talks.

If you were a regional power and had a grievance with North Korea, do you feel it would be appropriate to bring the issue to a regionally-devised peace conference? If you agree with President Roh, where would you feel it appropriate for the Japanese to continue to press the issue with North Korea?

In my opinion there are already too many issues at stake in the 6PT, and the abduction issue should be carried elsewhere, but if I were Japan I wouldn't necessarily want to hold my breath on the opportunity for future negociations with NK, especially with the current uncertainty over additional provocations (missile tests, nuke tests) in the event (likely event, IMHO) that the 6PT stall.

What do ya'll think?

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Sayaka said...

Isn't it domestic pressure that the Japanese government is facing in bringing up the abduction issue?