Sunday, February 25, 2007

On the Agreement Reached at the 6PT

It looks like Professor Mike Mochizuki (here at EISA) will be making more than one contribution to our blog!

On February 17th, the Post published the actual text of the agreement reached at the lastest round of the 6PT along with a breakdown provided by two professors at UC San Diego (Susan Shirk and Stephan Haggard). Although I missed it the first time around, Professor Mochizuki caught it and was kind enough to send it around to students in his Asian Security class.

Not only is it interesting to finally see what was hammered out (for all the coverage of the meetings, this is the first time I've actually seen the agreement), the notes provided are quite interesting. It looks like an ambitious agreement which, if implemented, could bring about serious change on the Korean peninsula with respect to several outstanding issues.

The first set of measures to be taken (in the next 60 days) strike me as quite significant in and of themselves. A lot to be done in a short two months, it seems.

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