Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Korean History Dramas Upset China

Sorry for bombarding this blog with my entries (but I am also amazed at how often Korean historical controversies make news). Snowume posted an entry about history described in TV dramas a while ago, but this is probably a follow-up.

Korean Historical Soaps Upset China in Chosun Ilbo.

Politics (or war?) over popular discourse!!


snowume said...

I believe that those Korean TV dramas have been created in response to controversies between Korea and China. To be honest with you, as a Korean, I have been watching 73 series of "Chumong" so far every week. I agree that those stories are sure to upset Chinese people and think that "Chumong" is biased. Yet, the success of Korean TV dramas like "Chumong" is to bring Koreans' attention and interest to early history of Korea. The problem, however, lies in whether those TV dramas are designed to educate people or brainwash them.

snowume said...
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Eric said...

Is there a Korean version of 24?

Grace said...

No, I don't think so. ^^ At least, not yet. But 24 is really popular in Korea, especially Jack Bauer. Other shows that are pretty popular as well are CSI and Sex & the City. Friends was really popular too when it was on. But Korean shows definitely have a different flavor and theme to them, as compared to American sit coms.