Tuesday, February 27, 2007

SK participation in coalition forces

I read this morning about the attack at Bagram base in Afghanistan which may have killed a South Korean soldier. How does the South Korean public respond to reports of the death of their soldiers in the "Long War"? With the love-hate relationship with the US, are there political segments which are bitter over the loss of Koreans in the global war on terror? Are they mobilized? Does Roh have to defend their stake in the conflict?


Grace said...

If you want to read it, the Chosun Ilbo wrote an article on the slain soldier. The link is as follows:


It's pretty neutral and doesn't mention any anti-American rhetoric (as of yet). The Netizens of Korea are also mourning his death and giving sympathy, rather than criticism. But, as public sentiment is rather fickle, this might turn into a rallying point for anti-Americanism. Only the next few weeks will tell.

Eric said...

Thanks Grace!