Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Kim Il-Sung Poems Rediscovered!

Tired of the same old songs to the Great Leader? Wish there were more? Well, now there's an exciting new sensation--reaching out from the 1930s!

The article, which is worth reading in full, says that "tens" of poems declaring the greatness of Kim Il-Sung that had been "widely disseminated" have been "discovered" in the DPRK. Then, in the next paragraph, says that they were discovered in northeastern China, in the "main military and political theatres of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army (KPRA)."

And, although all we have are written documents just discovered that no one noticed were missing before, the article states that they were "handed down orally by the people."

This is the best part:

They truthfully reflect the undying exploits performed by the President for the liberation of the country, political and military might of the KPRA and the great joy of the then people in attending him as the sun of the nation.
Who is he, Louis XIV? Anyway, here's a song list:

"Kim Il-so'ng [Kim Il Sung] Makes an Appearance in Korea"
"The Sun of the Korean People"
"Mt. Changbai Soaring High in Sky"
"Snow Flies"
"Let's Create Plum Tree Woods"
"Spring Water Brings up Heroes"
"Commander Kim Comes"
"Giant Footprint"
"Giddap! Let Cow take Mountain Path! "
"Mother Presents Roe Deer Leather"
"Song to Accompaniment of Hand-Clapping".

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