Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sea of Japan controversy

Well, it looks like the Sea of Japan/East Sea conflict is back on the agenda. Apparently there is a meeting on the 7th of the International Hydrographic Organization that will reopen the issue and potentially put it up for vote. Although most of the 78 member countries support the "Sea of Japan" name, Korean officials have vowed to lessen support for this or block the voting.

I personally think this is ridiculous as the article even points out that the "Sea of Japan" name has been used internationally since 1929. As we discussed in class, it may be the "East Sea" from the Korean perspective, but not the Japanese. And, I think Larry(?) pointed it out, without the geographical presence of Japan, there wouldn't even be a "sea" in the first place. I personally hope that this issue IS put up for vote at the IHO and settled once and for all. This is one area in which Korean nationalism has run amok.

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