Thursday, May 03, 2007

ROK Abductees

This article brings up an interesting point: with all the hoopla over Japanese abductees, why is no one talking about South Korea's? Obviously, it's because South Korea doesn't want to be shut out of its fragile dialogue with the North through the 6 Party process. But according to this article, the US State Dept. has deleted mention of the 485 ROK abductees in its country report on DPRK this year.

I'm confused, though--when I did a CNTRL+F search on the 2006 Country Report on human rights for the DPRK just released, the statement was there, just like it was in last year's. Did we add it back in or is this paper really not fact-checking?

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snowume said...

i think your assumption is right regarding ROK. the ROK government and others are more likely to prioritize dialogue with DPRK over abductee issues.