Saturday, May 12, 2007

Wikipedia entry

In the ultimate irony, here is my version of the Songun (military-first) site, which I edited today. Apologies to snowume for redoing it, but, in my defense, when we discussed it in class, this has always been what I've said I was covering. I hope you printed out and/or saved your editing for the site.


snowume said...


I want to apologize first. To be honest with you, I did not know that you will cover "Songun." I should have paid more attention!! I think, however, wikipedia is meant to be revised and debated. When I posted my entry, I was so happy and excited as to send the URL to my friends. ^^

Of course, when I checked the revised version, the initial reaction was "what the..."^^
I think it is totally fine for both of us to cover the same subject. To revise and to be revised seem our additional assignment. Well done, erin!!

Eric said...


If you need to see your final edited version prior to Erin's updates (to print and hand in or whatever) here is a link to it



Eric said...

Wow - the super cool thing about wikipedia - there's already been two edits to Erin's version in under 24 hours.

One was removing an extraneous "the" in the article, another was a formatting change to clean it up to wiki standards.

Erin Robinson said...

Wow, I haven't looked back at it yet. I had extraneous "the"s? Huh. I should thank whoever cleaned up my formatting though. I don't have much experience with it. And I'm glad Kyuran is not mad! But that is the fun part about it, if I messed something up, it gets corrected very quickly. That's encouraging.