Monday, May 14, 2007

My Wikipedia entry

Let me share with you my experience with Wikipedia. I can't believe it. A few minutes after my first update, the whole section that I added was deleted. I didn't even have the time to print out the updated version. As we are required to hand in a hardcopy of the updated version, I went through all the procedure again, and got a printout. But now the whole section is gone, again.

Of course, I've chosen a very controversial topic. The section I added is titled "Political Connections between Goguryeo and the Chinese Central Plains Dynasties." Through examining a number of the ancient Chinese books, The Book of Jin, The Book of Wei, The Book of Beiqi, The Book of Sui, The Book of Tang, and even Samguk Sagi (Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms), it is evident that, in addition to the almost incessant wars during its existence, Goguryeo also had close political connections with the Chinese Central Plains dynasties, manifested by tribute and the conferring of dynastic titles on Goguryeo kings.

It is just amazing to me that someone constantly monitors this site...


redbean said...


I don't think they're constantly monitoring--you can set it up so that whenever a change is made you get an email notification. There are probably a lot of people that got notified when you made your changes!

I'm not even thinking about checking mine.

Grace said...

Oh wow Diana. That's pretty crazy. Maybe you can post what you wrote on Koguryo as a file for us and we can see what was so "controversial" about your post. ^^