Friday, March 07, 2008

Ahn Jung Geun's buried site

Last class, we talked about different perspective of historical figure between countries. For example, Ahn Jung Geun who assassinated Ito Hirobumi who was Prime Minster of Japan during Japanese colonization, is a hero in Korea but terrorist in Japan.

Interestingly, China is developing the area where Ahn Jung Geun is buried presumably. Korea asked China by diplomatic channel to postpone the development of the area until the excavation work is done.

I hope China understands the Koreans request and wait the development until Korea finishes the planned excavation work.

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Courtney said...

Last semester I took Dr. Yang's Japanese Imperialist Legacies class, and when we learned about Ahn Jung Geun, he recommended we watch the movie 2009: Lost Memories. It's an action movie with big guns and explosions, but it's an interesting take on what could have happened if Ahn Jung Geun failed to assassinate Hirobumi. It's too much to explain in this box, so here is the IMDb link:

The movie is available on NetFlix.

Justin-B형 said...

yes I saw that movie!
It was big over-the-top Hollywood style fun!