Sunday, March 23, 2008

The first search for remains of Ahn Jung geun

I once mentioned Ahn Jung geun in class the other day.
Indeed, he is regarded as a prominent independence fighter and national hero in Korea.
Recently, South Korea govornment decided that they will launch its first-ever mission to locate the remains of Ahn Jung geun, who assasinated Ito Hirobumi, a ringleader of Japanese colonialization. This news drew my attention in that it will be the first attempt implementated by South Korea. After assasination, Ahn was executed by Japanese colonizers at Luishun prison in the port of Dalian, China, on March 26, 1910. Ahn's body is said to have been buried in the backyard of the Japanese colonial prison in the northeastern Chinese city, but the site has never been open to South Korean authorities until now.

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