Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wikipedia Edit Wars

Look! The Dokdo/Takeshima issue and the East Sea/Sea of Japan issue both made it onto Wikipedia's lamest edit wars page. Apparently Koreans also objected to the Tsushima Basin page because Korea is preparing to officially register the basin as Ulleung Basin. Article

Also, while doing a simple yahoo search, I came across the Takeshima definition in the Urban Dictionary online. I do not feel comfortable linking the page because of a certain definition (number 2), but this is definition 3.

3. takeshima
35 up, 99 down

The island of Tokdo, the Japanese people claim to be their territory. Takeshima, as the name suggest, is a mixture of TAKE (word that reflects their violent history of stealing, massmurdering past and their even more sad ancient past in a receiver's position of culture) and shima (a japanese word for island).

1.Takeshima is a wrong way to refer to the Liancourt Rocks. Dokdo is the proper way.
2.Only the incestous monkeys of archipelago refer to the Liancourt Rocks as Takeshima.

by James Ban Vancouver, B.C. May 22, 2006 email it

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Inyeop Lee said...

Your posting reminds me of the similar case of the CNN poll asking "Should Japan apologize again for its World War II military brothels?" last year.
It became a super sensitive issue in Korea, and many Korean people urge other Koreans to visit the site and vote for ‘YES’. It was 50:50 when I found the poll, but, interestingly, once this information spread into ‘virtually all over the Korean internet portal sites’, it drastically tilting toward ‘NO’ side. Many Korean netizens was surprised and asking more and more people to participate the vote, and some Korean guy even developed online program automatically voting on YES, but the gap between No and Yes got bigger. I don’t know why, maybe Japanese population is larger than Korean. Some even argue that CNN is taking advantage of Asian people’s sensitivity to increase their homepage visitors. (Some kind of conspiracy?) And also, many Koreans pointed out that there is a trap in the question because CNN put “again” in the question, which could insinuate Japan already made clear and enough apology about sexual slavery issue.
Anyway, this event also reveals how sensitive historical issues between Japan and other Asian countries are.