Thursday, March 27, 2008

South Koreans in North Korea

Hello. Today I saw this article in the English version of Chosun Ilbo online. It is calling for the South Korean government to find a way to bring the South Koreans abducted by North Korea and South Korean POWs back to South Korea. The article discusses how the problem was settled between East and West Germany and says that the situation in Korea is more complicated and the government is responsible for developing a Korean method to solve the problem. One sentence I found interesting was, "West Germany kept the deals a secret through several changes in administrations..." I think this is very important because much of the conflict in Korea persists because of changes in administrations in South Korea and America. America and North Korea were working on a deal to solve the nuclear issue, but then the Bush administration came in with a different viewpoint and the process had to start all over. Also, North Korea and South Korea were developing some common ground, and now there are reports that the new South Korean administration is going to take a tougher stand, as shown by Andy's recent post. I think there is truth in what this Chosen Ilbo article says. There does need to be a Korean method, and it is essential that administrations keep consistency. Otherwise any progress made may be set back.

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