Saturday, March 08, 2008

Washington Rolls out the Red Carpet for Lee Myung Bak


President Bush Is anxious to welcome the re-entrance of a true conservative into the Blue House. To prove it he arranging for South Korea's new president Lee Myung-Bak and First lady, Kim Yoon-Ok to visit the Camp David presidential retreat. This has previously been an honor reserved for such heads of state as Junichiro Koizumi, and Zhang Zemin. Lee Myung-Bak has made it clear that he intends to improve the shaky relations with the United States. Bush, who is desperately looking for something positive that he can add to his legacy, surely sees an opportunity through the US/S.Korean Free Trade Agreement and quickly settling the North Korean nuclear issue.
If this visit is any indication of the importance that the Bush white house is putting on Lee Myung-Bak then, I think, the new President will enjoy a close relationship with Washington for at least 10 more months.

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