Friday, March 07, 2008

Park Chung-hee Reforms Greatest Historic Achievement: Gallup Poll

There was a very interesting poll by Gallup Korea by the request of Chosun Ilbo on its 88 years anniversary.

People picked Park Jung Hee's Semaeul movement the most successful achievement of 60 years of ROK's history (it was interesting to realize that South Korea's history is only 60 years old. Whenever I think about Korean history, more than 4000 years of history comes into my mind first.).

I agree that Korea achieved a great economic growth but because of the fast growth there are many problems coming out these days. Therefore, I want to say the greatest achievement of ROK is democracy.

Also, another interesting result is that more than 30 people chose Japan as the least favorite country followed by North Korea, Russia, China and U.S. Interestingly, Korean people are concern more about close countries to the peninsula and allied country, the U.S. (I have never thought about if I favor Russia or not since do not share similarities except the fact that we are close).

Since it is a very interesting article, please read:)

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