Friday, May 09, 2008

North Koreas Nuclear records

(U.S. State department official Sung Kim effectively dodging microphones)


North Korea has turned over to the United States a significant amount of documentation on its nuclear program. The information is said to contain a large amount of information on the DPRK's Yongbyon reactor from all its major nuclear campaigns (1990's, 2003 and 2005). The question at hand is how complete will this information be? Personally, I think that it is part of North Korea's own "stick and carrot" (or maybe a I'll put away my stick,maybe, if you give me lots of carrots) approach. The Bush administration is pleased as punch with anything remotely resembling progress with North Korea. Phrases like: "an important step" are being used to describe this particular event. I think if "W" gets anything positive from Kim Jong Il it will be a victory for his so called legacy.
Of course its hard for me to get excited about this stuff because whenever there is an "important step" made in the right direction one of the parties usually mucks it up and we end up worse off then before.
As the documents make their way back stateside for scrutiny, I would keep the champagne bottles on ice.

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Joo-Eun Kim said...

I think President Bush should take this chance to make the relationship better with North Korea. I learned from the readings that I did for Professor Larsen's class that North Korea is developing the nuclear weapon since they feel insecure when the countries like United States which is hostile to North Korea posses nuclear weapons when North Korea does not. Even though current declassified documents show that North Korea start developing its own nuclear power in 1960s, all the same, it was because of the insecurity which was the result of Vietnam war and its foreign relations at that time. I hope U.S. foreign policy reacts well when North Korean approaches to put away its stick to get lots of carrots.