Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wikipedia Project- Franco-Korean Relations

For my Wikipedia assignment, I thought it would be interesting to look at the development and evolution of the relations between France and Korea (later the ROK) from the earlier days to the present day. The reason why I chose this topic is because I have always had a strong interest in diplomatic history, therefore this seemed to be a very interesting one. More importantly, I wanted to learn more about a topic that I did not know anything about.
When I did research online, I found that someone had already created a page on the topic, originally in French but he had translated it into English later on. At first glance, it was pretty much a literal translation of his page from French to English, but the article was short.
What I first did was to restructure the way it was presented by adding bullets points (so it was easier to read and navigate, links, new history sections, and more references. It seemed the topic had many other related pages on Wikipedia, but many were not connected to it. Therefore, I just went around and looked for the possible links and added them when necessary. Afterwards, I looked for articles and reviews on the topic and just added several references to make the article page more academic.
I have been very lucky with this topic, because the person who contributed the most to it has decided to give up wikipedia for a while since he is also a graduate student (I checked his profile to message him). Also, this is not a controversial topic either, which means that the possibility that someone will change everything that I have done is fairly unlikely.

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