Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wikipedia assignment

I chose to write and post information on the Korean revolutionary and leader of the Donghak Peasant movement, Jeon Bong Jun (전봉준). I actually got the idea to write about him while I was doing research for the second term paper. I was looking through information on the Donghak Peasant movement and I found his name. Dr. Larsen warned me that there was not a wealth of information on him in English and I did indeed find this to be absolutely true. Wikipedia had nothing except a short sentence on him under the Donghak Peasant revolution. I thought that his story deserved his own Post and so I made an entry just for him with hopes that others would add things as time passed.

Here is the Link to my work.

Everything on this page is of my doing save for the Name Morphology (I had attempted to type in the Hangul but was quickly corrected by someone) and also one sentence in the beginning which also was corrected by someone else.

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