Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Park Kyng Ree

The novelist Park Kyng Ree passed away. With her famous historical epic Toji, she was beloved by many Koreans and considered as a possible Korean Nobel prize laureate in Literature.
Toji is regarded as a landmark in Korean literature and it covers turbulent phases of modern Korean history, from the Donghak peasant movement in 1894, which led to an anti-government uprising, leading to the country’s liberation from Japan’s colonial rule in 1945. The story travels from Hadong, South Gyeongsang, the home of the novel’s heroine, Seo-hee through the mountains, fields and seas of Busan, Japan, Russia and Seoul. Over 700 characters star in this epic family drama, a story beautifully interwoven with vivid tales of lust and love across the generations.
The novel centers on Seo-hee, a property heiress in Pyeongsari, where the fictional heroine lives, and her quest to win back family land that a relative has stolen. She eventually reclaims her family land, but she learns that the land can never be the possession of man; man is possessed by the land. The first volume of the novel was published in 1969. The novel took 25 years, 16 volumes and five serials to complete.

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