Friday, May 16, 2008

Wikipedia Assignment-Korean Empire Page

So rather than post a new topic onto Wikipedia about Korean history, I decided to revise the main page off of the Korean History page entitled "Korean Empire". Here is what the page looked like before I started on it: click. What I noticed the most was that the links for Korean names are hampered by the fact that the names in English are not always posted in McCune-Reischauer. Thus most of my time was spent finding links throughout Wikipedia with the correct Korean name and then also determining what historical name to use for an event to find out is article exist already to explain those events. There were not many discussions about this page, but Wikipedia did list the page as a start-class for the quality scale so I hope my small alterations improved the page slightly. I was amazed at how many details right at the very end of the Korean Empire were not mentioned such as the Treaty of Portsmouth or the Taft-Katsura Memorandum. I also made sure to link Andy's new page with the previous mention on the Korean Empire page concerning the Tongnip Sinmun.

You may view the results here.

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