Thursday, May 01, 2008

Secret Victims - North Korea

The videoclip that I posted this time is about South Korean abductees and its diverse perspectives in South Korea. As you are already well aware of it, the South Korea has adhered the Sunshine policy as an official approach toward North Korea for the past decade. The basic concept is understandably logical. However, South Korea's policy toward the North Korea perplexes me, raising a question: Is it way of helping destitute North Korean commoners or is it a deed of supporting for Kim Jung-il's regime?
It starkly demonstrates the current dilemma between a national reconciliation and a rational inter-Korean relationship. I surmise that this has been distinctively exposed through the chasm between two extremes: hawkish U.S. government and liberal ROK government, conservatives and liberals in South Korea.
In that sense, this abductee issue in the center of this dillema as an acute matter. Indeed, it is a very difficult to decide which is better than the other. Even assuming that we ought to maintain the frame of dialogue and avoid one-sided sentimentalism, such sensitive issues must be cautiously handled between two Koreas. Admittedly, it may bring about a cooling-off period of inter-Korean relations for the time being. Yet it is even worse to spoil North Korea, letting them think this is like their bestowing benevolence to South Koreans. Despite the criticism, I tend to view that Lee Myung-bak administration's dual stance, signaling between dialogues and priciples, may be a strategic choice for the South Korea to seek another momentum in this deadlock.

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