Wednesday, February 20, 2008

article related to today's reading

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I found an article on Asia Times Online which is related to today's reading "China's Northeast Project Defensive or Offensive Strategy?"

The author Andrei Lankov, who is an associate professor in Kookmin(국민)University in Seoul, talks about what China can do if North Korean regime collapses.

When I was reading the article by Yoon Hwy-tak yesterday, I was really scared of the fact that China might intervene to the affair on North Korea after unification, and after reading the article by Lankov, I knew scholars are already discussing about what will China do after unification.

Because of my lack of knowledge, I have never thought about what China can do after unification. I was just thinking about why China is insisting that Koguryo's history is China's history. However, if the Chinese offensive strategy is possible and positive, the China's position on Koguryo' s history is more serious then I thought.

I met a editor in chief of Japanese major newspaper last week, and he said if North Korea regime collapses and be absorbed by South Korea, we have to worry about the security issue between China and U.S. more than the economy issue. Japanese Foreign Ministry has a plan for long time of helping Korea's economy after unification. The editor said China will not prefer the United States staying in the Korean Peninsula after the unificaiton when it comes to the border with China, and the article by Lankov also says U.S. is not prepared of going in to the chaos where they are thought as evil.

I do not know what will happen after the unification but I want to think positively that we will be fine after unification even if it is a wishful thinking. If the editor is right, Japan and other countries will help Korea with the economy issue, and I hope China does not do anything further more than helping North Korea's chaos.

p.s. I am concerned about the fact that Lancov misspelled Koguryo as Koryo.

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