Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The "Great leaders" Birthday Party...Got tickets?

While I was reading Joo Eun's post link to the Chosun ilbo's english paper, I came across a story about Kim Jung Il's 2008 birthday party preparation. You know, my heart always goes out to the people of North Korea. We all know of the rampant poverty and starvation that exists there. So when the US cuts off its aid with north Korea (usually in response to some perceived slight committed by North Korea towards the US) then there is usually a loud response from the world's NGO aid agencies claiming that cutting aid to North Korea only hurts it's people. (report from bbc 2001.1.9)

And I buy that.

I believe that the North is heavily dependent on outside supplies coming from South Korea, the US and its only remaining ally China. However, events like The Annual Birthday Celebration give vindication to Conservatives in South Korea, The US and Japan who believe that the policy of shipping supplies to North Korea is a mistake and should be replaced with a hard line approach which includes squeezing the North until its government implodes regardless of the cost of human life that may result.

Anywho, its a good article I urge those who don't know about the annual "party" to check it out. The final quote in the article represents frustration from those trying to help the people of North Korea.

Song Dae Sung (from a South Korean think tank):
"If North Korea had bought rice or corn with the money it has spent preparing for Kim's birthday, it could have solved much of its food shortage problem for its citizens."

Yeah yeah yeah....Food shortage my foot, Let's Party!!!
Bring on the Joy Brigade!!!

(footage from last year's soirée)
(wait do I see Lee Hyo-lee over there? Do you think Shinhwa is invited?)

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