Monday, February 18, 2008

Twenty- two North Koreans Executed for "Defection"

I thought long and hard about a response to this story on twenty-two North Korean citizens who were executed after being turned away by South Korean Authorities. Their small fishing vessels had drifted into South Korean waters on February 8th, were picked up by South Korean authorities and returned to North Korea, mainly because "they (North Korean fisherman) wanted to go home." After returning home all 22 (including three teenagers) were arrested, charged with attempted defection and subsequently executed.
Choson Ilbo actually broke the story after a sneaking suspicion that the South Korean government may have been trying to keep this under wraps. It was then that the Government actually released the information on the 22 fishermen (mostly women) who were "in distress."
Whatever the story, it is a nasty public relations nightmare for the South Korean Government. If this is all true then there is blood on everyone's hands that were involved.

I thought long and hard about what I could say to condemn the actions of both parties involved (North and South).
Words like "unfair","unjust", "ruthless","cruel" and "hellish" all came to mind.

Words, sometimes, don't seem to carry enough weight.

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