Saturday, February 23, 2008

Map is found that "proves" Dok do is really Korean.

Hot off of the press,

Professor Hosaka Yuji a professor of Japanese language and literature at Sejong University located in Seoul, has located a map that unequivocally proves that the (hotly contested) Dok-do/Takashima Islands located in the (equally hot but not quite as contested) East/Japan sea is in fact Korean (ie South Korean) territory. Apparently, Prof Hosaka came across this antiquated map, made by a Japanese "Cardiologist" (hehe, I can't help but snicker, you have to read the article, it must to be a misuse of terms) earlier this month but kindly waited until yesterday, Friday Feb. 22, or "Takashima Day" and a day after the Korea-Japan cultural exchange started its two day festival in Seoul,to release this finding. I think Prof. Hosaka has focused his study on Japanese/Korean cartography for some time now and it looks as if his hard work has finally paid off.

Or has it?
At the time that I am writing this there is little to no additional information provided by non government sponsored news agencies, maybe this will change with time. Therefore, it is hard to call this story unbiased. Gaping holes that are within this story need to be closed and all information verified so that this story doesn't just look like nationalist propaganda. For that to happen simple questions like these:
  • Where did he find this map?
  • Who was the cartographer (or cardiologist as the article's author calls him)?
  • How can we be guaranteed of the map's authenticity?
need to be answered.

Curiously enough, a Japanese response has not been published.........YET.
I'd like to see what they have to say about this story.


Melissa said...

Yes, Justin, I do question the person responsible for the map as well. There are some reactions to the news of Professor Hosaka Yuji popping up now. The following link is to a blog chronicling the Dokdo/ Takeshima debate complete with polling capability on the issue.
In the Japan Times last year, an article was published discussing one South Korean journalist’s reaction to “Takeshima Day” and other historical items which weigh down ROK/Japan relations.

Justin-B형 said...

thanks for reading my post and responding!!
I had trouble with the first link i don't know whats wrong it said it couldnt be found. I did see other stories similar to the second link however but of course those are older stories no real response to the new findings by Prof Hosaka.
hummm... o.O