Wednesday, February 20, 2008

North Korean's English ability.

Dear Class,

I have another interesting article about the North Korean people's TOEFL score.

It is not surprising that North Korean has relatively high(higher than Japanese) TOEFL score since I know if North Koreans do something they do perfectly (Think about the performance they do. They are just perfect. I think because they do for their dear father Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and mistakes are not forgiven in North Korea).

But I am a bit surprised that English is taught in North Korean middle school and high school. Isn't it hard to explain to the students why they have to learn English if it is a language of evil country, and they have no chance to go to English speaking country in their life?

Here is the link,

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Justin-B형 said...

Well I am not so surprised. North Korean Diplomats and scholars regularly venture abroad as well as engage diplomatically with foreign countries (Iran, Venezuala, Cuba and some African nations etc.)Whether or not they wish to admit it I'm fairly sure they informally converse in English.