Thursday, February 07, 2008

Korean patriots abroad


We covered some of the information very briefly in class, but this article has a lot of details about the Korean independence movement in America and China/Manchuria. I thought I would share this article about the Korean independence movement abroad because of the importance the movement had on the formation of the modern Korean states, and also because I think early Korean American history is a part of modern Korean history (which is also clear in the first half of this Korean American timeline). Koreans in America raised much of the funds necessary to develop the provincial government in Shanghai, which was led by Syngman Rhee, and Korean organizations overseas even did military training in preparation for Korean independence. They created the groups, direction and principles that are apparent in the states on the Korean peninsula today. Though there were strong leaders and solid organization, the Koreans abroad were split in four directions on how the political system should look after independence. It is very unfortunate that they could not come to an agreement though they all had a common cause and this problem remains today.

If you ever visit USC in Los Angeles, you can visit the Ahn Chang Ho House. It is in the middle of campus and is home to the Korean studies department.

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Kirk said...

For those interested in the first Koreans who came to the United States, there is a real GW connection. See this article, written by the former Director of the Sigur Center, Shawn McHale, for some details.