Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The discovery of Gojong's confidential letter to German emperor.

Prof. Chung Sang-su (Myung-ji Univ.) said, a secret letter sent from Gojong to William II was recently discovered from political documentation archive attached to the Ministry of Foreign affairs. This letter was written by Gojong in Jan 1906, an year older than the one for the Hague Peace convention in 1907.

Unfortunately, this letter could not be delivered to the recipient, William II.

According to Prof. Chung's explanation, it was attritable to the diplomatic situation back then. Germany was diplomatically isolated in Europe as an aftermath of involvement in Morocco's indepedence issue. Thus, the ministry decided not to pass it to William II.

The letter expresses imminience of Gojong who attempted to protect the country from Japanese imperialism. The letter is followed below.

"I, Kwang-mu always expect favor and support from Germany. However, I am currently faced with a great peril. My country was deprived of diplomatic rights and sovereignty is seriously being threatened by the pressure from Japanese empire. I appeal to God and you, the emperor of Germany. I strongly hope that Germany maintains friendly relations with us by guranteeing the independence of my nation as a guardian on the side of the weak. If you can do as I wish, we, including both the people and myself, swear before God that we will never forget your help for ever and ever.

From your good brother, Kwang-mu at Kyung-un palace Jan. 1906"

“ 짐(본인)은 대덕국의 호의와 지원을 항상 기대하고 있습니다. 그러나 짐에게 파국이 닥쳐왔습니다. 이웃 강대국(일본)의 공격과 강압성이 날로 심해져 마침내 외교권을 박탈당했고 독립을 위협받고 있습니다. 우리는 하늘에 호소하고 있습니다. 짐은 폐하에게 고통을 호소하고 다른 강대국들과 함께 약자의 보호자로서 본국의 독립을 보장해 줄 수 있는 폐하의 우의를 기대합니다. 이렇게 된다면 짐과 조선의 신민은 귀하의 성의를 영원히 잊지 않을 것을 하늘에 두고 맹세합니다.

광무 10년(1906년) 1월 경운궁에서. 폐하의 좋은 형제.”

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