Monday, February 11, 2008

The name of Korea if it reunifies.

Dear class,

I am going through Albanian archives at my internship and I found an interesting paragraph that discusses the name of Korea if Korea reunifies that we already talked about during the class.
It is a letter from Kim Il Sung(The General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Korean Workers' Party) to the First Secretary of the Albanian Labor Party Central Committee Comrade Enver Hoxha on July 7th 1973. They were exchanging letter and discussing about the reunification issue. In the reply by Kim Il Sung, he says,

"Fourthly, we proposed once again the establishment of a confederation of the South and the North under the name of a single state – The Confederative Republic of Koryŏ.

The gathering of the great National Assembly and the achievement of the great national consolidation, and the establishment on this basis of a confederative system, all the while keeping for a determined time the two different systems that exist in the North and in the South, is considered by us as the most rational course for the achievement of the reunification of the country.

We have proposed that should a confederative system comprised of the South and the North be established, this confederative state be called the Confederative Republic of Koryŏ, bringing back the name of Koryŏ, which is widely known to the world as the only state that has existed in the territory of our nation. "

So, the option maybe clear that we are using the name Koryo again:)


Justin-B형 said...

I think it will be difficult to make a cheer for the world cup soccer games with "The Confederative Republic of Koryŏ"

anyway, really good find, You must have a fascinating internship!

Joo-Eun Kim said...

Thanks Justin:)
Your are so right, haha!
we can't say the long name when we make a cheer for the world cup but I know Korea will have a better team with North Korean soccer players:)
and I like my internship working at Woodrow Wilson Center, North Korean International Documentation Project!(working with James)