Saturday, February 16, 2008

North Korea Marks Leader's 66th Birthday

The top ruler of North Korea,
Kim Jung-il's 66th birthday is on 16th Feb. which was yesterday on the local time. The DPRK commemorate this day annually as one of the most important national hoilidays along with that of Kim Il-sung, Kim Jung-il's father and the founder of nation.It is a day for showy worship events and robot-like perades.
If you watch Chosun Jung-ang TV, a single broadcasting media in DPRK, on this day, it is viewed as a joyful and laidback day for people in North Korea. They can eat special food and enjoy the day-off with their loved ones on this day through infinite consideration of the Great leader.

However, more importantly, this day has significance in another sense.
It has long been a opportunity of observing NK's political and societal atmosphere and critical watershed of foreign policies. This year, it drew even more attention in that it was Kim's first birthday since the nuke disablement agreement last year.

Judging from the article, seemingly, it was looked as quiet this year. But No 2 leader of NK, Kim Yong-nam's remark on the 16th revealed the discontent and distrust towards US conservative counterpart. US gives NK with a suspicious look in reference with NK's fulfillment of disnuclearization.

They reached an agreement.
Then, whose court has the ball now?

But the discrepancy of the focus and priority between two sides seems still big.Bush made a concession from original hardliner stance in hopes of gaining the credit of disentangling the issue, which ,I view, was highly influenced by the linkage theory. On the other hand, North Korea wants it to use as a bargaining chip to keep the regime alive. Simultaneously, DPRK is probably well aware of risks of maintaining the issue with NK.

Therefore, I believe that this tug-of-war is likely to continue until the end of Bush presidency.
This reminds me of absolute Chicken Game theory to some extent.
Probably, I am not the only one who sees it this way.

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