Friday, February 08, 2008

The war is over!

Okay maybe not. But looks like the two Koreas have there first agreement since the conservatives took power in the south. Yes, it looks like a joint effort to create two cheer leading teams numbering 300 (150 each). It may not seem like a big deal, but I was expecting the conservatives to take a hard line with everything. You know , the usual more stick and less carrot; I guess that truly remains to be seen. By the way, check out how much this latest venture cost the tax payers of the south (first sentence final paragraph). Nothing in life comes without a cost.
This is a hopeful start I must admit. You have to hold your breath, though, because every time north Korean cheerleaders are sent forth abroad there is usually some controversy that follows. Here is a story of the poor cheerleaders who went to the south and dared to come home and talk about what they saw.
I wonder if the north and south will be able to agree on the attire of said cheerleaders.

Will the fashion be more like the North Korean Cheer squad of past:
or more like what sports fans in South Korea are more accustomed to seeing:

I hope they can reach a happy medium between the two contrast.

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