Friday, April 25, 2008

Al-Jazeera People Power North Korea

The documentary film that I mentioned after class this week was Peter Tetteroo's "Welcome to North Korea", which was posted by Axel already. Thanks, Axel!
Along with Peter'Tetteroo's in 2001,
I would like to recommend you to watch this. This was produced by another German journalist Pieter Fleury. It was aired in Al-Jazeera TV.
It interestingly demonstrated North Korea's anti-Americanism.
Indeed, three things that define NK are national pride, anti-Americanism and siege mentality. Particulary, some phrase which came out of from little child's mouth still lingers my mind after watching this video clip.
"The pathetic Americans kneel on the ground. They beg for mercy."

This remind me of Professor Kirk Larsen's anecdote about generational inheritance of anti-Japanism occurred in the subway, Seoul.

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