Sunday, April 13, 2008

Samsung investigation and 'the Catholic Priests' Association for Justice'

International Harald Tribune had an article about 'the Catholic Priests' Association for Justice' and Samsung inquiry in Korea.
The Catholic Priests' Association for Justice performed a central role in South Korean struggle for democracy during the 1980s. And now the priests are fighting against Samsung, the country's largest conglomerate, which faces allegations of large-scale bribery.
With their brave efforts, Samsung's chairman, Lee Kun Hee, was questioned, for a second time by an independent counsel investigating the corruption charges on last Friday. Lee said that "All this is due to my oversight," after a five-hour interrogation. "I will take all responsibility, whether moral or legal. I appeal for leniency for my subordinates." Lee, 66, also said he would "seriously consider shaking up my group's management structure and its management lineup, including myself." But he did not clarify whether he admitted to any wrongdoing or would step down. Bodyguards whisked him away while protesters called for his punishment.

The priests consider Samsung as 'a more elusive Leviathan' than the past dictators. In other words, they are arguing that Samsung, a father-to-son dynasty which bribes governments, politicians and judges and crushes its labor union, is a counter-force against the real democracy in Korea as military government was during 1980s.
The months-long investigation has entered the final stages. And the counsel is expected to release its findings by April 23. However, many people in Korea are skeptical about the investigation because they believe that Samsung is too powerful to handle, and the new Lee government, which is very neoliberalistic and pro-corporation, does not have strong will to investigate Samsung.

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