Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"We must support our Korean allies" or John McCain's Perspectives on Korea

As we all known, Sen. John McCain has become the "soon-to-be" Republican nominee for the preseidential election to held in November. As such, he has traveled a lot over the past few months all over the world (he visited with G. Brown and N. Sarkozy) and has taken on issues of foreign issues a little bit more frequently. Therefore, his op-ed in an Arizona newspaper seems interesting, especially when it deals with relations between S. Korea and the U.S. This is also the same week that Lee Myung-bak will be in Washington, D.C.

In essence, his op-ed reminds the readers of the sacrifices made by all countries during the Korean War, but it also touches upon a lot of issues that we have talked about in class: abductions, nuclear programs, food shortages, lack of basic freedoms, etc... If you have the chance, read it as it is an interesting outline of a potential president of the United States' Korean policy...


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