Saturday, April 26, 2008

Olympic Torch To Pass Through Seoul

United States embassy in Seoul has warned Americans living in Seoul to avoid "unnecessary travel" on Sunday April 27. As the Olympic torch, set to pass through the streets of the capital city, will most likely meet resistance by anti-Chinese , human rights protesters. As you may know, (unless you have been living in a cave or Gelman library), the Olympic torch relay for the Beijing 2008 summer Olympics has been disrupted several times around the globe and Seoul now braces for similar protests. South Korean Polices vow to crack down on any and all planned disturbances.
"Those who attempt to stop the relay will surely be arrested on the site and given stern punishment," an NPA official said to Yonhap news. I sincerely hope that there will not be any violence but I also think that protesters need to be allowed to express their extreme anger toward China since there seems to be lack of any consistent substinative response on the part of world leaders. An outcry from the populous in Asia, especially in countries in China's back yard may carry more weight with Chinese people than those coming from the west.
In the meantime China is doing its best to encourage friend ship (and discourage hooliganism) during this historic time. Chinese Ambassador to S Korea: Share dream, promote friendship

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