Thursday, April 24, 2008

NK diplomacy as an agenda of U.S. presidential race

While watching U.S. presidential preliminary race, I have the impression that the Iraq war is the only important agenda here. Undeniably, it was hard to hear about any DPRK-related foreign policies from potential candiadates. However, it appears that Demorcrat Barack Obama's recent appeasement nuanced toward DPRK is still a contentious issue, triggering criticism from opponents. According to the article, Republican presidential candidate John McCain challenged Democrat Barack Obama's approach to diplomacy on Thursday, saying U.S. charges that North Korea gave nuclear assistance to Syria showed the folly of unconditional talks with foreign adversaries. Specifically, MaCain said that:
"should explain to the American people how talking unconditionally to dictators like Kim Jong-il in the aftermath of recent disclosures advances American interests."
Apparently, it is quite widely accepted that engagement is inevitable appraoch for the U.S.
Even assuming so, it remains as a great unresolved dispute as to how the U.S. cope with such rebellious state as the DPRK between the appeasement and the hardline.
The U.S. possibly maintains its consistency toward DPRK in the next administration?
That must be the questions for many.
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