Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Movie Screening

Apparently on Monday at the Library of Congress the North Korean Freedom Coalition organized a screening of "Crossing" directed by Kim Tae-kyun in celebration of North Korean Freedom Week. The article in English from Chosun Ilbo expressed that there was a whole lot of crying going on during the movie that continued to build with each traumatic scene depicting the struggle of a North Korean family torn apart by famine and poverty and then the hardship of life as a refugee outside of the DPRK. For the material of the film hundreds of interview were conducted with North Korean refugees in China and South Korea in order to gain a realist insight into the actual situations they faced. The article compares the film on a humanitarian level to the "Diary of Anne Frank" has this film exposes the horrors of governmental policy and folly upon ordinary people. Hopefully this film will be shown at other events soon so that momentum and interest on the humanitarian situation in the DPRK will be recognized by more citizens worldwide as the art of the moving image is certainly a great communicator.

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Inyeop Lee said...

I really expect to watch this movie based on the true story.
NK refugee issue has been very controversial in South Korea. It is very serious human right issue but very sensitive considering inter-Korean relations.
I really expect this movie would increase public conscience about NK refugee but also worry about its possible political implication. For example, with the Lee government, the inter-Korean relation strained and refugee issue or human right issue in NK could be easily utilized for political purpose.

Anyway, I would like to introduce another good movie about refugee story: 국경의 남쪽 (South Of The Border, 2006).