Saturday, April 26, 2008

More Dokdo/Takeshima..

A couple weeks ago Dr. Larsen circulated a new fancy document produced by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Takeshima. A couple days ago the Chosun Ilbo published a response to this document. I did not notice any new/unusual points. These are the type of things that keep the cycle of provocations going. One side does something, like publish a document or make a comment, the other responds.. etc. And both sides think they are completely 100% correct.. so what can you do to end it??

This is the Japanese document.

This is the response in Chosun Ilbo, which tends to be a more conservative paper that often publishes stories about "threats" and "insults" to Korea.

This is completely unrelated to our class, but I found a really good Korean radio station online. It plays different kinds of Korean music at different times of the day. Sometimes it has annoying English lessons, so just check it out at a different time if you tune in during that. You should listen to this station as you write your final paper.. for inspiration.

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Joo-Eun Kim said...

I interviewed one of the Korean diplomats studying in our program about the Dokdo/Takeshima issue. He said that reacting to Japanese claims is not a good idea for Korea. Regardless of the evidence that two countries claiming, since Korean policy station is in Dokdo, it means Korea officially has Dokdo. When 200-300 years pass like this, the Dokdo will be Korean territory automatically by international law. However, if there is disputes between Korea and Japan like this, the disputes will be record for few hundred years and at that time, Japanese still show the evidence that it could be Japanese territory. To settle down the dispute as soon as possible, the best thing that Korea can do is to make the dispute smaller and more quite that Japanese people cannot claim in few hundred years. I hope Korean government and media response smartly.